Beautycounter holiday gifts 2019

Holidays Are Here

Christmas is my second favorite holiday next to Halloween. There is something so special about driving around with your hot chocolate, listening to holiday music, and looking at all the beautiful lights on houses. I also love Christmas Eve mass, joining my friends for Hanukah, the parties, and just the magic of gift-giving. I don’t …

Halloween 2019

Halloween Happenings

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. It’s always fun to get dressed up as someone other than yourself. One thing that is so great about Halloween and Beautycounter is that our safer products are incredible for Halloween makeovers. I wanted to share with you this year’s makeover I did as a skeleton made …

Denver Beautycounter Store

The Denver Beautycounter Store

In May 2019, the Dairy Block in downtown Denver was blessed with a new Beautycounter store. The address is 1801 S Blake Street, and it’s next to The Maven Hotel and across the street from Coors Field. I’ll be the first to admit, I wasn’t sure about the downtown location. I live pretty remotely and …

Beautycounter Counterman


Hi all! I am extremely happy to share with you some very exciting news!  Yesterday was a big, long-awaited day for our beauty brand, the launch of our men’s line COUNTERMAN. Beautycounter can honestly now say we offer safe products for EVERYONE!