Clean Beauty Podcast

Clean Beauty Podcast: Reduce Those Cancer Risks!

This post is close to my heart for a number of reasons. I have had a number of friends in 2019 alone who were either diagnosed with some form of cancer, several (thankfully) in remission, and one friend who has passed away. The numbers seem to be rising and it’s terrifying.

I am on a mission for myself, my family, my friends to help reduce these risks in any way I can for getting cancer. I have several years of pharmaceutical sales experience in Oncology, constantly spreading the message. Now I am proud to say I am about to celebrate my second year anniversary with Beautycounter, constantly spreading the word about clean beauty.

Clean Beauty Enlightment Pie

I was so honored to be a part of a podcast a few months ago with Lisa Gunshore, owner of Enlightenment Pie, and also a valued member of my Beautycounter team to discuss Clean Beauty. We had a panel, myself included, discussing very interesting information that most people do not know about the cosmetics industry, the laws regarding it, and little hidden secrets companies do not want you to know. The panel includes some members on my Beautycounter team—every team member has a special reason why clean beauty is important to them. To tune in to the podcast discussion, you may listen here.