Halloween 2019

Halloween Happenings

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. It’s always fun to get dressed up as someone other than yourself. One thing that is so great about Halloween and Beautycounter is that our safer products are incredible for Halloween makeovers. I wanted to share with you this year’s makeover I did as a skeleton made exclusively with Beautycounter products.

Beautycounter eyeshadow palette Holiday 2017

I did use a 2017 Holiday Palate (above). However, I checked and we do have very similar colors in this year’s holiday palate.

Beautycounter Halloween makeup

I also used our Precision Liquid Eyeliner for the black lines over my mouth to give the real skeleton effect. To my surprise, the makeup and lips stayed on an entire night, even with eating! I went through a haunted house and saw that many of the actors had very similar skeleton looks. I was so happy to think I knew at least all of my make up this year was done with safer beauty. Before bed, I removed everything effortlessly with the safer, Beautycounter makeup removal wipes.

Beautycounter holiday

Consider Beautycounter for all occasions this year and especially for Halloween next year to get that special look you might be trying to achieve.

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!